Saturday, June 6, 2009

Double Sided Birth Announcements




13. {Photos by Emily Carmack}

12.{Photos by Lambourne Photography} 
11. {Photos by Emily Carmack}

10. {Photos by Emily Carmack}

9. {Photos by Lambourne Photography}

8. {Photos by Emily Carmack}

7. {Photos by Lambourne Photography} 

6.{ Photos by Paige Davis Photography}

5. {Photos by Paige Davis Photography}
2.1. (photos by melissa burnett photography)
All of our double sided announcements are printed on quality card stock. All of our cards can be turned into double sided or single sided cards


Ty and Whitty said...

My favorite in this section is the number one it is so cute for both girl and boy.

robcallfamily said...

I really like girl 27 and love #4 and #1 in this section

The Allen Family said...

I love the Double Sided #2! I so want that for my 10 day old baby boy. :)